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American Ultraviolet

UVC-TAB Photochromic UVC Measurement Cards

UVC Dosimeter

Example of Potential Savings when using UVC Dosimeter

  • 3 Dosimeters per run x 8 runs a day x 365 days a year = 8,750 Dosimeters per year.
  • 8,750 dosimeters @ $4.00 each = $35,000 annual cost
  • One case of C. difficile Infection ≈ $35,000
  • Reduction of C. diff by only one case per year pays for one years worth of Dosimeters

UVC Dosimeter™ Verifies UVC Exposure

The UVC dosimeter™ is a safe and efficient tool that can be used to verify UVC exposure of a surface, or an instrument, in healthcare environments, including patient rooms and surgical suites; in laboratories; and also in food and beverage manufacturing and processing facilities.

The technology consists of a photo-chromatic ink that changes color when it is stimulated by certain UVC radiation (253.7 nanometers). The UVC Dosimeter from American Ultraviolet:

  • Can increase the efficiency of UV disinfection processes designed to reduce HAIs and SSIs, by running shorter cycle times, and providing real–time results.
  • Changes color at various energy levels, which correlates with a log reduction of microbiology samples (e.g. MRSA and C. difficile).
  • Measures specific wavelengths of UVC radiation
  • Can be modified to change color at specific energy levels, depending upon the type of pathogen(s) of concern at your institution
  • Is available in quantities of 10, 50, and 100
  • Has been tested in laboratory and hospital environments in the United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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Prolonged, direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts. American Ultraviolet systems are designed with safety in mind and, when properly installed by a professional contractor, do not allow exposure to UV irradiation and allow for safe operation and maintenance.